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Friday, 8 July 2011

I wanna run...smash into you...

In this summer time where I am in a lull between to busy years I find myself outside of my comfort zone. 

Comfort Zone; Noun: A place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress

I am outside of my comfort zone mainly because I am having to spend most of my time alone and being an extravert this makes me uneasy. I like to be surrounded by people and to be busy rushing from place to place. However at the moment this is not possible and so I am finding myself alone with my thoughts and wonderings. 

One of these wonderings today was actually on comfort zone's - hence the above definition. I was thinking about how there is often a lot of talk amongst Christians about getting out of your comfort zone. I always thought that it meant being pushed to do something big and dramatic; move to a new place or give up a huge part of your life. 
I realised today that it is not necessarily a dramatic change but sometimes simply a look at the way you live your life. 
For me at the moment I have realised that I do not like spending time alone - my Dad very wisely reminded me that I am never alone and that Jesus is always with me even if I can't see Him. This made me think- I have days and days of just me and Jesus but somehow this makes me uncomfortable. 
It is outside my comfort zone to just spend a day with me and Jesus with no visible human contact. 

I guess what I am saying is that moving out of a comfort zone is not necessarily about dramatic change but rather about us leading on God and letting Him show us how to be comfortable in situations we aren't usually comfortable in. It is about pushing ourselves to be more in touch with Him way and His will. 

At the moment I am learning that being alone does not have to equal depression or terror but that it can be joyful and a time to discover God and learn more about His world. It is an opportunity for me to listen to Him and go where He tells me- even just to the shops and back. It is a new way of living which I never really understood before. 

Anyway that is what I have been thinking today
love and God Bless 

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