''Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring'' Marilyn Monroe

Monday, 14 June 2010

Ran away, Ran away and found myself today..

(stolen from a friend)

Today I sat in my PJ's watching mindless american drama's, read endless blogs and flicked through books that I have no interest in. It has been a pure indulgent day of nothing and yet I have become inexplicably tired this afternoon and evening. 
I came to the conclusion to day that very often life does not make any sense and people will often disappoint you, scare you and do things that you do not understand. I am gripping on to the faith and truth which is that there is a plan and it is unbelievably good and better than anything that I have ever imagined. 

Today my dad asked me what type of place I would like to live when I have somewhere of my own? I had never really thought about it but I did realise that I will be happy where ever I am as long as I am with the people I trust and Love. 
That's it for today- Tomorrow I shall be more productive and make something of the day. 


Love on a Monday

Don't shut love out of your life by saying it's impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give love. The fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly; and the best way to keep love is to give it wings.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Home Sweet Home... (and a beautiful purchase)

Hello lovelies, 
So revision is done, books are closed, exam halls quite and summer is to begin...
My parents picked me up from my beautiful uni house and loaded the car with all my stuff- 3 bags dedicated to the wonder that is beauty and hair products (I think that I might have a slight obsession!) along with about 5 other bags of things I was sure I needed.
The journey seemed shorter than the usual one although that may have been due to a late night chat, Legally Blond sesh with my beautiful house mate and the sleep that I therefore caught up on during the journey.
We came to the conclusion that Elle Woods is the best sort of role model for girls who simply love their ditzy and girly things but can hold an intelligent conversation if need be. She is the ultimate of kindness, no matter how harsh Vivienne or anyone else is. 

Anyway back to being at home...
It is strange to be back at the house as much has changed since I was last here, and Uni has definitely become more of my home - I suppose that is how it is meant to be considering its your transition into adulthood

So me and my mum decided to escape the football on TV and go to Tesco and do a spot of food shopping. 
I love Tesco's, not because of the food but because I am always able to find some little gem of clothing which I fall in love with. Today it was these beauties:
How stunning are they? The pink is much brighter in person and they are very high (about 5 or 6 inches) as my mum keeps pointing out. But to me they are wonderfully indulgent and I know they will bring a splash of colour to my many LBD's which make a regular appearance when I go out. 

I can't wait to relax and slump for the next few days, recovering from the stress of exams and recoup-orating before the flight to Israel. 
Here's to days of reading, sipping wine, coffee with friends and sunshine. 

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Life as it happens...

So currently I am in the final week of year 2 of university, this time next year I shall be graduating and moving on to the real world!
Revision, essay deadlines and last minute to-do lists have taken over my life and I cannot wait to be home and sink into the comfort that is my parents house. They have these sofa's which essentially swallow you up and you never want to get off them. Perfect relaxation after weeks of endless study and work. 
My plan is to relax into those sofas and sleep in my huge double bed, read books that have gathered dust on my shelf all year and watch mindless films and endless episodes of west wing.

This summer looks to be a fun one, definitely the busiest I have had in a long while: going to Israel for 3 weeks for a third year module, followed by 2 weeks at home before 2 weeks in New York a la brother and co. Then working until September to gather some money for treats such as Apple Macs and hair straighteners (if the pay-check allows). So here's to a summer full of adventure and such things. Hopefully achieving some sense of happiness and bliss after the stress of the last few months. 
By the way scented candles and flower fairy lights are a dream if you need to relax. Along with cups of tea and chilled out music such as Rend Collective Experience . I have also been reading my way through the wonder that is 'Inspiration' by Mark-Kate and Ashley Olsen, full of interviews with designers, models, photographers, artists and wonderful people who do indeed inspire you. The book makes me happy and awakens my longing to be creative and see the inspirations around me. It is beautifully written and put together.
Well now back to the slog that is learning about Post-colonialism, exam in four days and I am free... until next year :)