''Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring'' Marilyn Monroe

Sunday, 29 May 2011

i like the way you're not afraid...

Because I have been working on an essay I have discovered some new and old music favourites- I tend to be distracted easily when I have to write an essay...anyway I thought I would share these little gems ♥

only 3 days left until I have finished uni forever! 


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Grace is enough....

Grace is a funny thing. There is nothing like it and it really does not make any sense at all. 
It is something which seems so against our nature, it is something that sometimes goes against everything that we feel would be right. 
It is something which I have struggled with for ages, something which I still don't fully understand but recently I have learnt a bit about what it means to be gracious and to accept things without fighting against them. I have learnt that sometimes you just have to accept that the world is not always fair and that there are things which will happen which do not make sense. 

When I see these things I tend to get really angry but then I am always reminded that God is the master of Grace. He is the one who gave us His son so that we could live and I remember that:

"There is no love deeper, there is no love greater, there is no love vaster than your love!" 

God's love is the picture of pure Grace- He gave us everything despite our sinful natures and despite the way that we treat Him sometimes. 
So I remember that and things always seem a little bit better and I carry on, trying to not forget the greatness that God is and the wonderful Grace He shows. 


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thank goodness for everything...

I am thankful for...

♥the last 3 amazing years 
♥the adopted brothers and sisters who i have met in those 3 years
♥hearts:multi-coloured nail polish 
♥the people who i will be working with next year 
♥ silly, unrealistic tv shows which make me smile 
♥days which run away with you and you look back and think well that was awesome

so thanks everyone for making me smile 

1 week left of uni ever!!! 

Friday, 6 May 2011

tick tick tick tick ticking away....

Today was such a sunny beautiful day and this means it was glorious. I met up with a friend of mine and we went and sat in the sunshiny park and chatted away. This fabulous girly is one of a kind, she is strong and brilliant and beautiful and she knows who she is. 
Ever time we meet up for a chat she challenges me by the way that she is living her life. I love that, I think it is so important to have people in your life who challenge you and make you a better person just by the way they live. 
So today she made me realise more of my dreams and more of my passions, more of who I am. 
This is what I have been thinking about all day....

Woman are strong. Every woman is strong, not necessarily in the traditional sense, but inside of us there is a strength that God has placed in us. It is at the core of who we are and when we acknowledge who we are and accept how we were made this strength shines through. There is nothing that can stop that strength! 
This strength is shown through our beauty, sexuality, maternal nature, friendships and how we live. The strength is what makes us able to be emotional, to be sensitive, to go through the monthly pain that we do and when we get there, childbirth (i have not done this yet and btw am slightly terrified!) 
So often woman are placed in a tiny box in where we are seen as sweet and timid and innocent but that isn't how we were created. We were created to be strong, powerful, dangerous humans. We were created to look after our families, to provide for our children; we were created to go and reach out to the hungry and poor and needy... and trust me those aren't easy tasks. 
Woman's bodies were created to be pushed to the limit, and we are able to do that. Woman may not be considered physically strong with muscles popping out everywhere but we are made to push ourselves, to be out of our comfort zone and to do it in strength and the knowledge that we can do it. 
God made woman because man couldn't do it by themselves, we were made to be a companion to men and to be the emotional, sensitive beings. To be the carriers and carers of our children and our families. 
Woman have strength that is set deep inside of them. Can you imagine a more wonderful world that one where all woman took that strength inside them and allowed it to shine out of them? How powerful would those woman be, how much better would the church and the world be if woman did that? 

This is what I have been thinking today.  


Thursday, 5 May 2011

i got misty eyes as they said farewell...

Ice frappes and barbie pink nail polish ♥ some of the beautiful things of my days lately :) 
Also me and my bestie girl were talking earlier this week about how we have 'bad' days and 'good' days. How in our brains we think that we are pretty somedays but hideous another. She said that he lovely boyfriend reminded her that actually her beauty doesn't change day to day but that it is constant. 
It is so true, we are all woman who have been created in God's image, in a sweet and delicate and fantastic way. Whether we feel like it is a 'good' or 'bad' day we have the same beauty each and every day that we live. 
It is the beauty that God created us with and we should embrace it. Nothing changes that beauty or makes it go away. 
Yay for being absolutely gorgeous all the time :) 

 how beautiful is the sky! this was the view out my window the other day when i was typing my essay...

and this is the view i will have for the next few weeks as i write my final draft... eeek. 

much love 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

the simple things...

i saw this as an advert for a new coffee shop that they are setting up in my home town and i liked it as it reminds me to do things just because. 

Today was another essay day, and I realise that the next month each day will be an essay day or dissertation day or dissertation presentation day. But then I am free into the adult world (what are they thinking?) For an essay day, it was surprisingly good.

So here are the simple things that made me happy: 
♥ making coffee for myself the first ever time (i know i am 21, should have done that by now, but i am a recent convert) 
♥ feeling the warmth of the sun on my shoulders through the window
♥ burning a candle all day 
♥ turning my flower fairy lights on at dusk
♥ finishing the essay and calling by bestie from school, complaining about work, celebrating her handing in her dissertation and making plans for the summer
♥ going to bed before midnight 

see it is the simple things that God gives us that makes our days happy even when we are writing an essay in one day. 

Monday, 2 May 2011

amazing people, amazing idea, amazing creation...

A while ago my brother's girlfriend introduced me to this amazing group of women and to their beautiful website and magazine. 
I wanted to share it with you, go and check it out 

it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife...

♥ Jane Austin is by far my favourite author and Pride and Prejudice is the best book written ever, in my humble opinion anyway.

This blog post is once again a break from my life as a final year student, I am currently trying to write a 4000 word essay full of insight, due Wednesday- word count so far:0! ooops 
but i have done the reading so the type type typing can start. 

Another ♥ of my life is that I am back home in my beautiful Uni town and everyone of my beautiful friends is making their way back here for our last month or so of the year. Also it is sunny and summery and this makes me happy endless amounts. Times like this I am thankful to live in the attic and have a skylight which allows me to feel the warmth of the sun of my skin while typing away at my desk. 

Along with drinking fruit tea and reading many a book on Genesis, I have taken to looking through this website weheartit in little breaks from work, so here are a few of my current loves from there. 

I like this one cause it reminds me that actually sometimes I expect too much and that it is the imperfections which make life so beautiful 

if i felt i could pull it off and if it wouldn't hurt my mum so much, i would probably become the decorated lady and cover myself in beautiful designs, however for now i think i will leave it to my love tattoo and maybe the bird that i will get after graduation 

be yourself, be yourself and no one else. 

in honour of the royal wedding, which i might say was beautiful and kate is an inspiration as was her dress. (p.s i always liked harry better anyway) 

yay life is beautiful, even the pain in life is beautiful in a way cause it is yours and is part of you. 

Also on another note completely i wanted to link this annointedwithgrace in light of the recent death of Osama Bin Laden.
I think I was a little surprised at the level of celebration, I know and agree that he wasn't a very good person at all but it is quite scary that there can be such jubilation over one man's death. 

Anyway here's to the last month of university, to the world being beautiful always, to wearing high heels and lipstick while writing essays and to all the people in the world, each as beautiful as the next. 

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