''Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring'' Marilyn Monroe

Thursday, 31 March 2011

oh the joys of realising you are reaching adulthood...

So my housemate got engaged!!! last weekend and oh my it is amazing! and it makes me feel very grown up and old. 
It is amazing and girly and makes me very happy! I get to talk about dresses and flowers and hen parties. But it is also just an incredible expression of their love and their commitment to one another. It is so amazing to see how extremely happy they are and how excited they are about their future life together. 

Also her ring is amazingly sparkly and beautiful, and I can not keep my eyes of it. 
I found these beautiful pictures of wedding things and it made me happy. 
taken from weheartit

taken from weheartit

So basically I wanted to share the joy ♥ 

much love 

Monday, 28 March 2011

day by day, breath by breath...

minute by minute we live out lives without thought or pause to think about the purpose of our life. We go about lectures and we go about life with a aim to achieve what is right in front of us. 
what if there is more? 
what if there is something so much greater than we could ever imagine?
If our lives had a purpose that was greater than just getting to the end of the day, or just finishing this essay or project. 
what if our lives were about more than graduating and getting a job or money, or leaving school and going to uni. 
what if we had the ability to change the whole world? what if we had the ability with every breath and every day and every minute to change the lives of millions- starting with those who are closest to us- those who we are surrounded by each and every day? what if.....

what if? what if? what if?
what if we stopped asking what if and started to do. 
our lives do mean something more than getting to the end of the day, they do mean more than graduating and getting a job and money.
we do have the ability to change the world and to change the lives of millions. 
we can change the lives of those surrounding us each day.
we can because we are meant to. we can because it is our purpose. we can because we are made to love and care and bring compassion and joy and peace. we can because we are made to reach out, we have the ability, the gifts, the talent, the money. 
we can because we are who we are and because that it all we need. 
we can because if we are willing God will give us all we need. 
we can because we are adopted and we are accepted by Him as we are. 
we can because it is what He asks of us and all we need to do is say 'yes' and then follow Him. 

so let us stop asking "what if?" and start doing and knowing that we can 



'Gentleness (praotes in Greek) describes the complete surrender to God's will and way in your life. it means to stop fighting against God. it is not weakness. it is the power and strength created from submitting to God's will. it is responsibility with power. praotes describes the ending of resistance to God. it begins with that word we love to hate; submission.'

i will be forever yours....

Today is so sunny and beautiful and I am listening to one of my friends songs which is all about God as our Father and it is really making me thing so much about how wonderful God is.
There is so much that we have to thank Him for and so much that He provides for us. I think that in today's society and culture we have such a tendency to spend out time complaining and worrying about what goes on in out lives.
We should be looking to the good, the bright spark in each day, the idea that God's joy is in everything. I think that there is this false idea that joy is all about smiles and laughter- don't get me wrong sometimes it is- but there is a deeper joy that comes from God. This joy is deep and strong and resounds in the heart of who we are. This joy is at the centre of who we are, God wants us to have it all the time. He holds it out to us in open hands waiting for us to receive it. It is a joy that stays through the tough times, a joy that we know even when we are sitting in the corner of a dark room and crying. It is a joy that no-one and nothing can take from us. It is the joy that keeps us alive and awake in the darkness of the world.
There is nothing that take's this joy from us. It is the joy that comes from knowing that we are adopted by God and that we are His children and that we are forever and ever His.
It is the Joy that we know from knowing that God is running to meet us and welcoming us home- that God meets us exactly where we are.
Some of the lyrics of the song are "there is no love deeper, there is no love greater, there is no love vaster than your love"
God is beyond all of us, higher, greater, bigger than we can imagine and He picks us up and holds us tight and close. Whispering that He loves us for what we are and who we are. His love is eternal.

God's joy is boundless and we have endless access to it. Grad hold of it, never let it go, allow it to seep to the inner depth's of you. Allow it to hold you as you cry, allow it to break down those walls of depression, anxiety and sadness. He doesn't change and He will never let go.

link to the song

♥ 'me'

Thursday, 24 March 2011

sunshine, thanks and smiley faces...

this week has been full of sunshine, flipflops have been worn and summery dressed placed on our bodies. The mood of all I meet has been so much better than usual, essay deadlines and looming exams don't seem to matter anymore. 
I spent a day having lunch on fields of grass, and going to mcdonalds for mcflurry's, running into people and having random coffee's and chats. It has been a good week. 

I also was introduced to this website thx which I feel in love with- the idea in genius and beautiful and so simple. 
So in light of her beautiful idea, here are a few thank you notes of my own from this glorious sunny week...

hope everyone has a happy friday 

♥ 'me'  

Sunday, 20 March 2011

a life worth living and loving...

My life for the past 3 years, in fact probably longer than that has been full of conflicts and stress and general hard times. But the last month or so the beauty of life and the Love of God has been scattered into everything I do and everywhere I go. I have a bad day or an stressed and something reminds me of the Love of God and the beauty of this world.
The overwhelming message of the moment seems to be that there is nothing we cannot do with the Love of God. That the world was created and is engulfed in His Love. The knowledge that He Loves so unconditionally and so fully, the Knowledge that through all the pain of the universe and all the heartbreak that happens: God's Love Remains, endless, constant throughout time and space. 
I don't think I have even begun to fully grasp this concept and it is just now filling me and resting on my heart.
God Loves. 
He Loves and that is it. 
We can argue the theology of everything, we can debate and disagree but ultimately at the heart of everything that exists is the Love of God. 
And because of this, we are called to Love, to be deeply and undeniably Lovely to those around us. To Love the hurt and the broken but also to Love those who have hurt and broken us. 
We need to stand up for Love. 
As cheesy and as cliche as it sounds, Love is the answer. 

"This one thing, it remains, Your Love never fails and never gives up, It never runs out on me, Your Love never fails and never gives up, It never runs out on me."
Bethel Church:Be lifted High: One thing Remains 


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

living for the evening...

taken from weheartit

This made me laugh yesterday because it is indeed how I feel, I am breaking up with my stress! 

♥ nights out with a mass group of friends 
♥ this past term 

currently listening to: britney spears (every now and then i have a britney day)
currently doing: my dissertation which rules my life 

right back to typing that 10,000 words 

peace ♥ 'me'

Monday, 14 March 2011

I was ashamed, you called me beautiful....

♥ 'Bethel church, Be Lifted High' new album 
♥ the sunshine that has appeared 
♥ plans for next year 

beautiful birthday mug :)

listening to: snow patrol a hundred million suns 
currently doing: dissertation and drinking lots of tea 

♥ 'me'